Hernia Repair available to all at Hernia Clinic Wessex

Selfpay, NHS and private health insuranced patients

Consultation: Initial appointment £200 - £250

Groin Hernia Surgery Fixed Fee with Local Anaesthetic (no hidden costs): 

From£3,500 (includes surgery, hospital fees, local anaesthetic and post-op appointment) 

Other Inclusive Packages from:

Keyhole groin hernia repair under general anaesthetic 

Umbilical/Paraumbilical hernia surgery  

Incisional hernia surgery 

Epigastric/Ventral abdominal wall hernia surgery   

Spigelian and Lumbar hernia surgery

Advice on abdominal core health



NHS Hernia Patients

This service is no longer also available to NHS patients via the NHS Choose & Book Pathway. To access this please follow these steps:

  1. See your GP for a referral
  2. Specifically ask for your referral to be made via Choose & Book to the Spire Southampton Hospital and to be seen in the Wessex Hernia Clinic. This service ia available until end of March 21.
  3. You will then be seen by the Hernia Clinic Wessex according to the current NHS waiting times. 

For a fast track service you will need to use the selfpay or private insurance options


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