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  • Patients walk out of hospital 1-2 hours after groin hernia surgery operation

  • Hernia surgery performed by surgeons under local anaesthetic for quicker simpler recovery

  • Low rate of urine flow problems post surgery  

  • Hernia repair suitable for all ages 

  • Fixed fee package at competitive prices

  • Clinics based in private hospitals inHampshire South of England


5 Star Feedback from our verified patients

«  Knowing about his skill and care earlier would have saved me a lot of unnecessary hernia pain. op under local anaesthetic a revelation, easy recovery.great."






« The inguinal hernia operation performed under local anaesthetic with minimal disruption to a frail 82 year old man with a leaky heart valve was a great success. If only everyone who needed this operation could be treated this way. Mr Kirkby-Bott was very understanding of the situation and his patience in explaining details much appreciated. His aftercare advice was clear and very effective. Having previously been advised by other surgeons that no hernia operation could be carried out until heart surgery had taken place, which did not because of COVID-19, to now be pain free is fantastic. »




«The doctor explained the procedure that I was about to have and that put me at ease . I would like thank Dr James Kirkby-bott and his team for their care with my operation.»


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